Saturday, June 4, 2011

Take a read and see if your heart feels the same after.

God Calling

I often have said that God has a bigger plan for everyone if we would just listen.  I firmly believe that God has been changing my direction since the birth of Gavin.  I also believe that HE places people in our lives so that we can SEE the direction he wants you to take. 

Several months ago I was reading the local news and read the story of a family who went to Russia to adopt a precious angel with Down Syndrome, only to be told NO.  Why you ask, because he had Down Syndrome.  This cut me to the core.  I became consumed with the story.  So I became friends with the mother on Face Book, started reading her blog daily and spent a lot of time on my knees praying for a miracle.  A date to go before the Russian Supreme Court was set. 

During this time I discovered a lot about the orphans around the world and was saddened at the site.  Who could still believe the best place for these children was an orphanage and then an institution.  I was also introduced to several loving families who were in the process of adopting.

Back to Kirill and that Court date.  I give all the Praise to God that Tesney and Greg Davis are now the proud parents to Gregory Kirill Davis.  Prayer works and God hears and answers.  Check out Tesney blog to read how God was in that court room that day.

As I said before God has placed on my heart the Orphans of the world.  Awaiting to see where HE takes me.

Friday, June 3, 2011

God is Changing My Direction

Once again I find that God is changing my direction or maybe I'm finally listening to him.