Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playing in the Rain

Bucket in the rain with your kids.
I never rememember playing in the rain. A statement that I never wanted my kids to make.  So this week during a warm summer shower out we went. 

Catch me if you can!!!!

No mail

Chilling out while it rained HARD!!

 Looking forward to many more afternoons playing in the rain.

Know for the biggest give momma a heart attack moment of the week.....

Gavin has learned how to climb up on his top bunk!  Without the ladder I might add.

My life with my boys.......

Now you know my ABC's...

A fellow friend posted this and I thought it was to cute to pass up. It's not too invasive but gives a few interesting tid bits. She invited others to play along so here are my ABC's.

A, AGE, Well that would be the GREAT age of 38

B, Bed Size, Full size, yes we like to be close!

C,Chore you hate, cleaning the bathroom after 2 boys and one big kid
D, Dog, None at the moment.
E, Essential start to your day,  Mt. Dew!!!!!!!! Must have.

F, favorite color,Depends on the day, today is RED

G, Gold or Silver, considering after having Gavin they both break me out, I say neither.

H, Height, 5' 6" on a good day.

I, Instrument you play , none :( I did not get the musical talent in my family.

J, Job Title, Stay at home mom which translate to... gopher, boo boo kisser, maid, cook, zoo keeper, referee and the list could go on and on...

K, Kids, 4 very handsome boys... I very blessed to have two wonderful stepson's Tim Jr (June Bug) is 17 and Taylor (tator) is 15 counting down the days till he turns 16, Then we have Our little woodsman, Camden ( KK) is 5 and our little miracle Gavin (tadpole) is 4.

L. Live, In the great state of Alabama in a little sleepy town called Jasper that the New York Times said is the cheapset place to hire a hitman.

M, Mothers name, Joyce

N, Nicknames, None that has stuck. 

O, Overnight Hospital Stays. Tonsils removed when I was 12. It was also the first time I met a nun.
P, Pet peeve, People still thinking that you are the person you were 25 years ago. God changes hearts and you should get to know the person for who they are TODAY.   Oh and people who think my son is different and not treating him like they would any other 4 year old.  That drives me NUTS!!
Q, Quote from a movie, "looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket", Steel Magnolias.  Love that movie!!!!
R, Right or left handed, I like to switch it up to confuse people.

S, Siblings, I was my mother's only child however I have 3 first cousins I proudly call my brothers and sister.  Gary went to sit at the feet of our Heavenly Father last year, Nikki is the best sister you could ask for and Jonathan is going to take care of all of us once he becomes a ROCK STAR!

T, Time you wake up,  The alarm clock goes off at 5:00 so Hubs and I can spend a few minutes together before Gavin soon comes out to greet us for the day at 5:30.

U, Umbrella?? Stays in the car if I'm lucky. I have a little boy who LOVES to play with it. 
V, Vegetables you dislike, I would have to say beets.

W, What makes you run late? well for some reason the font will not get off BOLD, so what makes me run late having to take time trying to fix things when my computer goes CRAZY 
X, X- rays you've had. Back, seems I have some issues that my Doc called "getting older" or AKA degenerative disc disease.

Y, Yummy foods you make,  Southern Chicken and Dumplings like your Grandma made.

Z, Zoo, My sunroom at the moment.   My kids are playing with the 500 little plastic animals they have.  I must say its a nice Zoo with fences, trains and every animal that Noah had on board.

Who's next???

Oh and if the changing font, spacing and size drives you crazy you should have been sitting at this computer. I give up!!